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3 LOCAL ORAL HISTORIES at Berwick Church

Three local oral histories have been installed at Berwick Church as part of the NLHF project. Each has been set to a musical track by a student from the University of Brighton. The three histories are of Don Boys, Lynette Gribble and Peggy Lawrence.

Visitors can select to listen to one. The intention is to encourage visitors to pause and reflect on the nature of change and human experience in a the context of the church and the paintings. The hope is that this will stimulate reflection on the changelessness of God and provide a moment of stillness in their lives.










Safeguarding - Covid 19 Continued Vigilance

  • Sanitiser at the door/table inside but no longer necessary to take names and contact details
  • Holy Communion will continue to be administered by simultaneous administration as has been successfully practised by Peter recently.
  • We will still request (rather than require) masks to be worn inside church unless exempt. Singing of hymns etc can happen behind masks.  Need to continue to be mindful we are in an enclosed relatively small space within our buildings and we have many elderly and vulnerable people attending services.
  • Whilst it is still warm enough we will keep doors open to assist ventilation, even if they have to be closed during the actual service.
  • We will maintain weekly cleaning and sanitising as before.
  • We will continue to take collections either on entry or exit.




A Celebration weekend for a new commission by Julian Bell

You can watch the video of Julian's talk on the 13th June at:


Cuckmere Pilgrim Path Talk –

a talk given by Revd Peter Blee given on 18th Feb

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